Septic Systems

Management and pollution prevention

  • Stormwater pollution prevention plan design and permitting
  • Inspection for regulated municipalities and developers
  • Application for State Pollutant Discharge Elimination SystemPermits
  • ACOE General Permits

Sewer mains and connections

  • Gravity collection system design
  • Pump station
  • Sewer extensions
  • Service connections
  • Permitting, inspections, and certification

Backflow Prevention


Road Design

​​For commercial properties and private developments

  • Design, permitting, inspections, and certification
  • Utility and equipment rooms

Site Planning

We offer a wide variety of civil engineering and consulting services to fit your every need.

For all project and property types

  • Residential, commercial, municipal, and highway inspections
  • New York State Department of Transportation Work Permit Inspections


Sanitary Sewer


For residential and commercial properties

  • Reinforced concrete
  • Gravity
  • Segmented Block

In accordance with relevant codes

  • Municipal, county, state, and private design
  • Permitting, inspections, and certification

​​For residential properties

  • Design and construction inspections
  • Collaboration with architects, structural engineers, etc.

​​​For residential, commercial, and municipal projects

  • Participation with other professionals on projects of a wide scope
  • Project coordination
  • Bid review

Public Water Supply

Townhouses, condominiums, single-family homes

  • New construction on existing, undeveloped lots
  • Improvements to existing sitework
  • Subdivision site design
  • Road and sidewalk design
  • Utility and grading layouts
  • ​Landscaping
  • Municipal and state code compliance

Construction Inspections


For fire and domestic water services

  • Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies
  • Double Check Detector Assemblies
  • Double Check Valve Assemblies
  • Design, permitting, certification, and testing

Retaining Walls


For residential, commercial, and non-community water suppliers

  • Water distribution systems
  • Water main extensions
  • Ultraviolet disinfection system design
  • Annual water quality report preparation

​​For residential, commercial, and private properties

  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Utility and grading layouts
  • Landscaping
  • Wetland mitigation
  • Parking analysis and layouts
  • ​Steep slopes analysis and slope stabilization
  • Municipal and state code compliance


On-site individual subsurface wastewater treatment systems

  • Design, permitting, inspections, and certification
  • Residential and commercial projects
    • Lower Hudson Valley
    • Western Connecticut
    • Within the New York City Watershed